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Recent Work

Erin Foods

Logo design and packaging redesign project for a well loved Irish brand

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Erin Foods is a familiar name to Irish consumers. The design brief for this project was to refresh an iconic Irish brand without upsetting a large following of loyal customers.

Strict design guidelines were developed for the packaging in order to create a unified family of products. The themes were: a simple colour palette, crisp product photography on a cool grey background, simple and legible typefaces. The logo was also refined and simplified.

Finished artwork was produced for more than 50 packs, along with accompanying point-of-sale materials.

Redesigned Erin logo, right.
Erin packaging, old (left) and new (right).
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True24 Clocks

Designs for a 24 hour analogue clock with an hour hand that changes colour to indicate AM and PM

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True24 hour clocks are conventional battery driven office clocks - with a twist. The hour hand changes colour to indicate whether the current period is AM or PM.

The problem with conventional 24 hour clocks is that, with so many numerals crammed together, they are difficult to read. The True24 clock divides the numerals into two concentric bands and uses the hour hand to distinguish the current band. The main benefit of this arrangement is that the time can be read from the angles of the hands - just like a conventional 12 hour clock.

Clock designs by dDesign.

More information here.

The True24 concept, an hour hand that changes colour
True24 Office Clocks
Spiral designs
Shift clock and daylight clock
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Odlums / Shamrock

"Our Classic Recipes" baking recipe book design

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Odlums Flour is an iconic Irish brand with a history of over 100 years of flour milling.

This colourful 56 page booklet is the latest in a long line of recipe books aimed at the aspiring home baker.

Recipes by TV presenter Catherine Leyden. Photography by Neil MacDougald.

Download pdf (zipped file)

Book cover
Typical page layout
Picture index
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Green Angel

Designs for new Bath Salts range

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Green Angel is a highly regarded Irish skincare brand.

This is a redesign of their popular bath salts range with a new colourful look and a new hexagonal shape.

Baths Salts
Green Angel Muscular Reliever
Baths Salts
Green Angel Bath Salts range
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Pinheads Pizza

Menu design for a pizza restaurant

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Pinhead's Pizza is a popular restaurant on Dublin's South Circular Road.

Pinhead's previous menu was difficult to read with too many competing messages and a lot of reversed type. The redesign is easy to read with an attractive sketchy style.

Pizza menu
Menu side 1
Pizza menu
Menu side 2
Pizza menu
Old menu (not our design)
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Angels for Charity

Poster and ticket designs

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Angels for Charity "Life & Soul" is a charity concert promoted by Green Angel Skincare.

All proceeds are in support of Barnardos.

Charity tickets
Angels for Charity poster
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About dDesign

We are a small graphic design company, based in Harold's Cross, Dublin, and established for 18 years. We specialise in packaging design (mainly food packaging) and Point of Sale design. We design brochures, fliers, adverts and any other printed material.

Our aim is to provide attractive and effective design at a reasonable cost.

Contact Chris Drew (353 1 454 3969 or mobile 087 232 9645) or John McCulloch (mobile 086 804 2919) for more information, or to discuss any project.